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Romane Lanceford Logo

Romane Lanceford

Romane Lanceford is a UK men’s physique champion and workout coach who this year won first place in the UKBFF British Championships. Clearly Romane and Life Media UK (the guys who produce his heart-racing video content and who I worked with on the project) felt that, to offset this highly athletic and impressive stature, they needed weedy never-set-foot-in-a-gym-before me to produce their membership website. The site would offer fans access to exclusive video content from Romane to help them achieve their own fitness goals.

Romane Lanceford Branding

The goal with the branding for the site was ultimately to mirror the strength and power associated with men’s physique training and to be aspirational for Romane’s fans. High impact lettering and bold red helped to achieve this, along with the use of triangles, the strongest shape architecturally.

The site leans on the excellent MemberPress to handle the bulk of its membership functionality, locking down content only for active subscribers and, through PayPal, allowing recurring payments to be taken and managed. We were keen to allow visitors to the site to see all the content that’s available, only prompting sign up once users had clicked to view content. No one wants to sign up to something when they’re not quite sure what they’re getting, so this allows visitors to see the full range available and decide if it’s right for them from the outset.

Gym Page Design

The video content itself is hosted on Vimeo and uses their domain level privacy function to only allow the videos to be embedded on the main site. By using Vimeo we were able to take advantage of their superb video streaming capabilities and easy upload process for site admins, giving all users of the site the best user experience.

The content is grouped under three main categories; Kitchen, Gym and Life, making it easy for users to find the videos they’re after and keep on top of their training. To give Romane another categorising option I also added “Series”, which can encompass content across all three of the main categories. This allows Romane to put together a series focussing on toning up a particular part of the body for example, and allows users to work their way through that plan, whether they’re in the kitchen, the gym or every-day life.

Responsive Web Design

Working with Life Media UK and Romane was an absolute pleasure. All are working at the top of their game and are super nice guys to boot. The site launched successfully, receiving sign ups from the word go and favourable reviews from users. Plus I have a free pass to all this great content now! Watch your back Romane, this web-developer’s gonna get ripped…

Romane Lanceford Testimonial