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Pulse logo

Pulse Roll Label Products

Pulse Roll Label Products are a leading manufacturer of inks and varnishes and service more than 50 countries worldwide. They approached me with the task of building them a more cohesive brand identity and producing various marketing materials.



Taking inspiration from the flow of ink as it’s poured as well as the coils of labels that are the printed result, I developed the artwork around curves, using sweeping arcs and rounded corners where possible. This extended to the choice of font also to ensure total brand cohesion.

pulse swish

Ink Drop


Pulse required some artwork that would become a recognisable identifier for their company as well as explaining to customers what they were about. Centred around the shape of an ink drop, the graphic simulates the inks being poured and mixed together, incorporating the main CMYK colours and giving Pulse a vibrant, recognisable and unique graphic.

pulse ink graphic outline
pulse ink graphic



By applying example labels onto bottles, Pulse demonstrate their inks to customers as if they were on the final consumer product. Designing this range was challenging for two reasons: not only did the labels need to look good as pieces of artwork but they also had to demonstrate the different qualities of the different types of inks and varnishes. I was also required to create a range of labels that, whilst being applied to a wide variety of products, were cohesive and reinforce the Pulse brand.

pulse label graphic design photo
pulse label graphic design
pule florescent graphic design
pulse peel and read graphic design

The final series of labels can each stand-alone individually but also clearly belong to Pulse and work together as a group. Each label acutely exhibits the qualities of the ink or varnish product used and have been very well received.



I designed Pulse’s “About Us” brochure as well as their “Product Directory” brochure to be completely on brand and, where necessary, display complicated, important and technical information in a clear and easy-on-the-eye way, using negative space to allow heavy content to breath where possible.

pulse brochures
pulse about brochure
Pulse at LabelExpo 2015

Other banding work includes posters, publication adverts, banners, business cards, headed paper and a large exhibition stand at LabelExpo 2015 in Brussels.

I continue to work with Pulse often, further developing their brand using the guidelines and styles that I have previously established and always coming in on time and on budget. I never thought I’d know so much about the ink manufacturing process!