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Marianne Chua – Wedding Photography

Award-winning wedding photographer Marianne Chua approached me with the idea of making a fun, short animation. Marianne describes herself as a “funtojournalist” and has a great sense of humour that really carries over into her work, and the animation would capture some of this fun and informality, illustrating to prospective clients Marianne’s attitude to her photography and the couples she photographs.



With the help of some brilliant acting from both of us over Skype, I worked closely with Marianne to plan a storyboard that would match the script and the ideas that she had. 


There were three key “scenes” that we wanted to capture throughout the wedding day: the ceremony, the reception and the party. This was so that we could illustrate how Marianne worked within all of them, from ensuring she’s stealthy during the ceremony, to getting stuck into the dancing in the evening. These scenes would transition by sliding the elements in and out of frame, allowing us to keep the character front and centre as much as possible.

Marianne Chua frame at wedding
Marianne Chua frame taking a photo
Marianne Chua animation



The 2D animation style suited Marianne’s warm and friendly approach to her photography and business. Vector assets were created and manipulated on a timeline whilst some artefacts were animated meticulously by hand.

Marianne Chua testimonial

“Bye for now”


The animation has given Marianne a really friendly and engaging way to show prospective clients what she’s all about. A unique animation for a unique wedding photographer.