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Cotswold Electric Bike Tours

Cotswold Electric Bike Tours offer electric bike tours around the Cotswolds (as the name suggests!) and required the development of their brand as well as a fully featured bespoke website. Implementing a booking system integrated with an e-commerce checkout process the finished site allows cyclists to easily sign up to a relaxing and adventurous exploration of an area of outstanding natural beauty.




The brand’s colour scheme centred around prominent colours associated with bike tours – the yellow/orange of the famous Cotswold stone, the green of the surrounding nature and an ‘electric’ blue. The logo is designed to be simple enough to apply to apply to branded cycling equipment as well as reflecting the companies offering.

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Tour Locations


With tourists being the main target audience, the tours are clearly displayed by location, allowing the user to choose their ideal tour easily. Perhaps it’s in the area they are staying, an area they would like to visit for the day or perhaps even an area which they can get to easily via public transport.


New tour locations are able to be easily added by the site administrators, allowing the business to expand their offerings as and when they need to.

Each tour location can have various dates listed, meaning that the site administrator can control each tour as a separate event with separate ticket availability and separate attendee lists. Each tour date can have a limited amount of tickets to ensure that there aren’t more riders than bikes!


The dates are not only listed on the tour location pages but also in an easy to use calendar, allowing the user to find the tour that perfectly fits within their holiday itinerary easy and efficiently. Selecting a date from here pulls it out to the top of the location page so that users can easily add it to their basket, leading to a higher conversion rate.


Other features of the site include a full blog to not only keep users up-to-date with goings-on but to help with the sites search engine optimisation, further information about both the electric bikes and the company and also the ability to purchase gift vouchers for the tours.

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