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Faith Amschela Logo


New luxury handbag designer Amschela approached me requiring branding that reflected their confident, aspirational and glamorous ethos, which it has to be said, are personality traits found in Managing Director Kerry Huxtable also. Amschela’s vision was of a logo that could be recognisable and usable on the products themselves, and reflect something of their professional yet playful design. I continue to work with Amschela, with more branding materials on its way.

Amschela White Logo
Amschela Black Logo

The logo went through various iterations and I have pages of sketchbooks with “A” written various different ways, trying to get a feel for the composition. The final logo uses the strength of the “A” alongside the curve to reflect both sides of the brand’s personality.

Amschela logo on background

“It’s always really hard as a new start up company to entrust someone with the huge task of your company branding by way of logo development. However, I had no need to worry. Simeon Rowsell was recommended to me as someone who could take on this task. I met with Simeon over coffee and in 1 hour I had given my brief of my vision for my company, as the meeting ended I thought “surely, he won’t get it”, “will he understand my company’s aims and ethos”. I was pleasantly surprised when I received my logo concepts 3 weeks later….in one word – perfection. I am more than happy with the work Simeon has done and forever grateful.”


Kerry, Amschela

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