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Say something funny

20th November 2015 | chat

Quick, say something funny.

Too slow. Hurry up – give them a really interesting fact instead.

Ah still too slow. Come on you’re going to lose the reader in your very first blog post!


This is the voice in my head whilst writing this, my first post on my brand new all singing all dancing website. It’s a tough act. I suppose “Welcome” would have done fine but we’re too far in now.


Anyway, here’s a selfie of me writing this. You know, so we can get to know each other a bit better. This photo was taken without a selfie stick which, I think you’ll agree, is the right way to go about things.


simeon rowsell selfie


It is genuinely great to have you here though. As the rest of the site explains (please do have a look around, I’d love some feedback!), I’m Sim, a Bristol based freelancer designing and building websites and marketing materials for small to medium sized businesses.


Writing a blog allows me to share plenty of useful tips and tutorials that you can apply to your own websites and digital marketing with the aim to help you and your organisations out. Sprinkled in between that will be the latest news and updates from the industry, myself and around Bristol. I’ll try and post as regularly as possible so there will always be fresh, useful content for you to read, learn and put into practise. If you like getting mail (who doesn’t like getting mail), do sign up to my newsletter in the footer below and I’ll send you updates not too often and not too infrequently.


Feel free to get in touch, it would be good to hear from you and I’m always keen for a chat. All my details are down in the footer or click “Contact” in the top navigation.


Here’s a random, cheerful sounding yet lyrically quite down-beat old song that just happens to share its title with this article. Imagine I’ve just given this post as an inspirational speech and this is accompanying me off stage. I’m waving too. I can hear the applause now.