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Simeon Rowsell Illustration

Illustration up in Hamilton House

16th September 2016 |

Side stepping away from web design for a minute, for the first time ever I had an illustration framed and hung in a white walled public gallery! The exhibition was held in Hamilton House in Bristol as part of their open weekend last Saturday and Sunday. It showed off examples of some of the incredible artists working here in a wide range of styles and mediums and I’m chuffed to be able to have shown my own work next to them. The weekend was a great success with loads of the public getting to get a taste of the wide array of beautiful flavours that Hamilton House has to offer. I’ll do some sort of video tour one day for y’all.


© Simeon Rowsell, 2016

© Simeon Rowsell, 2016


As a freelance web designer and developer, it’s always refreshing to escape from the constraints of the browser and get back to pen, paper and the physical world. In my illustrations I like to try and capture something of the varied and ‘higgledy piggledy’ nature of the buildings that surround us and which we often don’t pay enough attention to whilst we’re walking around on our phones. In particular, Clifton in Bristol has such a mix of beautiful and romantic buildings that it lends itself perfectly to being recorded on paper.

Here’s an awkward picture my partner made me pose for like a proud parent does when their child is a shepherd in the school nativity. I don’t have a tea-towel on my head though. Sorry.
Simeon Rowsell with illustration

Oh *remembers marketing hat*, if you like you can purchase your own copy of this illustration. Prices are £35 un-framed and £55 framed. Just get in touch if you’d like one…