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A Peaceful and Positive Christmas Party

7th December 2016 | chat day-to-day social change

If you’re anything like me, getting excited about Christmas this year has been slower than most. Finding anything that feels genuine in amongst the consumerist madness we’ve come to expect, beginning on Black Friday and ending sometime whenever people run out of either money or energy in January, can be difficult. Add to that the…

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Illustration up in Hamilton House

16th September 2016 |

Side stepping away from web design for a minute, for the first time ever I had an illustration framed and hung in a white walled public gallery! The exhibition was held in Hamilton House in Bristol as part of their open weekend last Saturday and Sunday. It showed off examples of some of the incredible artists working…

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3 BrightonSEO Takeaways That You Can Start Applying Right Away

29th April 2016 | Marketing SEO

I’d come to accept the fact that I would be missing out on this season’s BrightonSEO. As one of the largest gatherings of digital marketing professionals in Europe I missed out in the frantic 4 minute scramble for tickets a few months back. But fate had other plans. A last minute spare ticket, heroically offered…

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Go on Bristol, Go Green

24th December 2015 | bristol environment

At the time of year when many of us have undergone the actually slightly bizarre ritual of moving all the living room furniture around, dragging an entire actual tree across the room and hanging stuff on it for a few weeks, what better time to talk about the environment and, more specifically, how businesses can easily…

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Say something funny

20th November 2015 | chat

Quick, say something funny. … Too slow. Hurry up – give them a really interesting fact instead. … Ah still too slow. Come on you’re going to lose the reader in your very first blog post!   This is the voice in my head whilst writing this, my first post on my brand new all singing…

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